Beach-Head was one of the Spectrum’s famous early titles and US Gold’s first release on the computer. Whilst today it may be hard to see what the excitement was about, back in 1984, it had good reason to cause such a fuss as US Gold soon cemented a reputation for excellent presentation and varied, good-quality games.

Beach-Head was a multi-level action war game; your first task was to guide your fleet to its destination, either directly or via the “secret” channel. Take the easy route and you’d be bombarded by loads of enemy fighters in the subsequent stage; take the secret passage and there’s a minefield to negotiate but less time for the enemy to scramble fighters, consequently less of them to shoot down. Next up it’s the turn the tanks on the beach-head itself. Storm the enemy barricades, make it through and take a punt at destroying the big Kahuna gun at the end and if you didn’t lose too many ships you’ll have plenty of tanks with which to do this. Beach-Head is still pretty good fun even by today’s standards and an early example of what the humble Speccy was capable of.

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