Elite produced many superb arcade conversions for the Speccy; think Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Space Harrier and, erm, 1942. Bombjack, however, was in my opinion, the finest, despite its apparent simplicity.

Based on the arcade machine of the same name, Bombjack presents each screen with a series of platforms in front of a famous (and for the Speccy, colourful) scene. Bombjack must collect all the bombs on each screen whilst avoiding the numerous nasties that congregate around him. Extra points are awarded if you collect the bombs in the order of lit fuses. Elite wisely concentrated on making the game as playable as possible through responsive key presses and clear graphics. To be honest, that’s about it, and I can imagine if you’re reading about this game for the first time you’re thinking “that sounds rubbish!”. It’s not. It’s brilliant, go try it out!

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