Julian Gollop’s Chaos is a brilliant game and one of my favourites of all time. Playing one of up to 8 wizards, controlled by either the computer or a friend/s, it’s a simple concept tweaked and curdled exquisitely by the talented Mr Gallop.

Each player is given a random selection of spells, each of which have a percentage chance to succeed. These spells range from mythical and real beasties with which to attack the opposing wizards; shields, swords and magic bows to pimp up your own wizard and miscellaneous spells such as magic wood which creates trees from which your wizard (and your rivals!) can gain extra spells and gooey blob, a perfidious green mass that threatens to engulf the whole board if not destroyed. Tactics are the key to Chaos; choose your own style, aggressive or offensive, or even try and fool the enemy with illusions, creatures that have all the power of the real thing but can be instantly dispelled by enemy wizards should they suspect deception. There are few truly great multi-player games from the 8-bit era. Chaos is top of the pile.

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