Movie licenses on the Spectrum didn’t have the best of reputations and Ocean were responsible for their fair share of clunkers in this respect. With the license of this dreadful Stallone movie, however, they handed programming duties to Jonathan “Joffa” Smith and he turned in not only one of the best movie license games, but also one of the best action games ever on the Spectrum.

Playing the Stallone character (Marion “Cobra” Cobretti), it’s up to you to eliminate as many bad guys as possible and rescue the lady-in-peril, the Amazonian Bridget Nielsen – although she appears somewhat more feminine in the game thanks to an animation-saving ankle-length skirt. To help you are various weapons scattered around every level, cunningly hidden within giant hamburgers; alternatively Cobra delivers a pretty mean head-butt! Once Cobra has taken on three levels worth of baddies then the main villain of the piece appears, the Night Slasher, and he must be despatched before the game loops back to the beginning and the battle starts all over again. Cobra is a fantastic game. The graphics are clear and the 3-layer parallax scrolling lovely. The main sprite moves really well and it’s possible to pull off some cool moves whilst traversing each level. Jonathan Smith’s customary sense of humour is satisfyingly imbued in to the game as well, almost as if he knew the film was terrible and he was determined to mock its camp 80’s machismo. As scrolling run-and -runners go, it has few peers on the Spectrum, if any.

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