Deactivators is one of those games that sat on many gamer’s shelves while they spent hours on inferior but more familiar games. It’s an underrated classic on the Speccy, for sure. Developed by game designers Tigress Marketing (who came up with the concept, design and gameplay), the player controlled a team of robots whose job was to go from building to building disposing of the deadly bombs that had been dangerously placed in each one.

This could only be achieved by throwing each bomb out of an open window, which doesn’t exactly sound safe to me but then maybe they had a big net or something. The game was presented very nicely with smooth, isometric graphics that were distinct and clear, despite being monochromatic. The first couple of buildings ease you into the game nicely before it throws all sorts of nefarious tricks on you such as switching gravity and locked doors. Deactivators certainly requires some brainpower and thought as recklessly tossing bombs around is a sure way to get your robots turned into scrap metal. The only thing I always thought it lacked was some sort of bomb deactivation mini-game (along the lines of Quazatron) that would have made more sense than flinging bombs out of windows. Deactivators got decent reviews upon release, which makes its lack of sales even more disappointing. Maybe if Tigress had used a different publisher, things might have gone better as Ariolasoft didn’t have the best of reputations.

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