Game Over


This game was infamous before it was even released thanks to its advertising campaign that cheekily revealed a little too much of the female anatomy. Hasty screenshots were added to the majority of adverts except in Crash Magazine where resident artist Oli Frey extended the lovely Queen’s clothing to cover up the offending body part.

The game itself got a little lost in the controversy and received a mixed bag of reviews at the time. Personally, I found it one of the easier Dinamic games to play, but that’s a bit like saying Ben Nevis is an easier mountain to climb naked than Everest. Like many Dinamic games it’s a flick screen run and gunner, this time set on alien worlds. Your rebellious commander is easy to control and fires a pretty mean laser gun but the nefarious enemy placements and dodgy collision detection combine to make the game still too frustrating too truly enjoy. Plus, Game Over is colour clash hell and by 1987, many games were getting around this problem with spectacular results.

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