“Ghostbusters! Ah ha ha ha ha!” Or as it sounded on the Spectrum: “Gersssssssssstbussersagharagahaeargh”. This famous title was the first big movie license on the Spectrum and it sold an absolute bucket load, boosted of course by the phenomenon that the movie had become.

God knows why. I hated it - the game that is. With a light dusting of financial management out of the way (choose your car, ghost busting equipment etc.), it was onto the main map which displayed the city of New York. Mosey around a bit and a ghost will appear somewhere on the map. Then follows an atrocious section where you drive up a 3-lane road with nothing to do other than hoover up the occasional ghost (provided you bought the ghost vacuum, if you didn’t then this section was even more boring). Once past this, you stood outside a building with the errant ghost, which was always a slimer-type, buzzing around and waiting to be caught by your particle streams. Ghostbusters was a game completely lacking in any skill. The strategy section at the beginning was a no-brainer due to lack of funds; the driving section offered no risk at all, you could just leave the Speccy alone for 5 minutes if you wanted, and the random nature of the ghosts often meant a boring wait or one to wander into your energy streams. I know a lot of people have fond memories of Ghostbusters the game, I don’t.

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