Jason's Gem


Many Speccy gamers have fond memories of Mastertronic games; after all, their cheap prices and accessibility (Mastertronic famously branched software sales into petrol stations and newsagents) equalled a phenomenal amount of sales. Jason’s Gem was a game from 1985 that boasted the usual “jovial” cover and a promise of intergalactic hi-jinks on the inlay. What you actually got was a mundane downward-scrolling shooter and a demonically frustrating platform game.

But first off, you had to guide Jason’s little ship onto a landing platform. Unfortunately this platform moves randomly, but this section is easy enough. Then the same craft (now off the landing platform bizarrely) gently descends through a series of 5 caverns; fortunately a cannon can destroy any rocks that are in the way to secure safe passage, although this doesn’t prevent a couple of repeating death scenarios, but this is the 1980’s so we’ll just gloss over that one. With oxygen limited, Jason must then proceed on foot as he traverses the rest of the caverns. He has no weapon but can jump in order to avoid the various creatures that spell instant death upon touching our intrepid explorer. Jason’s jump is a bit unusual: he sort of goes up, then across before dramatically halting in mid-air and plummeting straight back down. This, added to the pixel-perfect accuracy required to negotiate some of the screens, make Jason’s Gem an extremely frustrating game to play. Still, it only cost £1.99.

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