Laser Squad


Laser Squad is brilliant and one of my favourite games in the Spectrum of any genre. I can still play it for hours today. Written by Julian Gollop of Chaos and Rebelstar fame on the Speccy, and the UFO games on the PC and Playstation, Laser Squad was a culmination of the gameplay and programming skills Julian had acquired over his previous games. Didn’t like the way enemies were visible in Rebelstar and the lack of missions?

Here it was corrected – line of sight visibility and 4 varied missions with another 3 available in an extra pack. Each mission saw the player start out by equipping his team with weapons and armour. You were then able to place your team on the map at specific locations. Tool your boys up and it’s off to complete whatever destructive mission you are on. These vary from rescuing some imprisoned colleagues to assassinating a dubious arms manufacturer. All the maps are sufficiently different to make the game feel fresh. There is also a good variety of weapons, grenades and other equipment, much more than in similar games from the Spectrum at the time. Information regarding remaining action points, movement and statistics is all presented clearly, making the game easily accessible, in addition to its long term appeal. Overall, a Speccy strategy classic that still bears up incredibly well today.

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