Minded Out


Programmed by Ian Andrew – who would go on to create the famous software house Incentive – Mined-out is a simple puzzle game and a precursor to the Windows classic Minesweeper. Starting at the foot of the screen, the player must guide their avatar (a simple block) to the opposite side.

Each movement gives the player an indication of how many mines surround the current position often resulting in a lot of backtracking and thought on how to pick your way through the minefield. Later levels introduce further hazards such as moving walls and enemies that hound the player. Mined-out is a great example of how to play test a game. It’s obvious Ian Andrew went through each level, deviously adding tricks to surprise and test the player just when they think they have mastered the game. The graphics are extremely simple but the game is fiendishly addictive. And yes, those are boobies in bubbles on the cassette inlay!

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