Navy Moves


First there was Army Moves. Then there was Game Over. Finally, Dinamic inflicted the worst of all on us, the ridiculously, frustratingly, annoyingly tough Navy Moves. The first part of Navy Moves has you piloting a dinghy from left to right, jumping over mines placed in the sea.

To give you an idea of how difficult this first section of Navy Moves is, I can tell you it took me over an hour – using desperate save state short cut keys - to progress more than 2 scrolling screens – and a grand total of five mines! The ensuing level contains many more mines, with the practice required well beyond me in the cold light of 1987. The silly thing about Navy Moves, however, is that the game actually gets easier! Once past this initial stage, you enter a flick-screen type game set on the enemy submarine. This is infinitely less frustrating, making it even stranger that 99.99% of gamers would have reset their Speccy long before then! It’s such a shame that Dinamic had this bizarre difficulty curve, as most of their efforts looked good.

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