Julian Gollop’s follow up to his Red Shift classic Rebelstar Raiders is one of the most fondly remembered strategy games on the Spectrum and for good reason: it’s aces. Taking the basic gameplay from his previous effort, Rebelstar presented a single scenario where the player took on an army of robots protecting a large moon base. Your job was simple: sneak inside, eliminate any droids in your way and destroy the central computer, this claiming the base for the rebels.

Rebelstar is turn-based and in the classic mould each character is allocated a number of action points which are used to move, shoot, pick up objects and so on. Should the character have enough spare points, opportunity fire can also be set up, allowing you to take pot shots during the other player’s turn. The graphics to Rebelstar are clean and simple with little or no animation, but this doesn’t detract from the action one bit. Gollop’s main aim was to keep the game as accessible as possible and from this point of view, Rebelstar is a huge success. The only downside was the 2-player mode which saw your opponent commanding a human army rather than the robots of the single player scenario.

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