The winter of 1986 was a great time to be a Spectrum owner. Game after superb game were still being released and the machine was arguably at its peak. For the Xmas market, Rainbird released their epic shooter Starglider, and for me, a simpleton who found Elite far too complex and boring, this was the perfect wireframe shooting game.

Developed by Argonaut Software and coded by Realtime Games for the Speccy, the game took place on the player’s home planet of Noveria which has been invaded by an alien force known as the Egrons, who cunningly dodged Noveria’s defence systems by disguising their battleships as migrating birds. That’s some bloody big birds! Your goal was simple: rid Noveria of these invaders using your AGAV fighter craft, equipped with lasers and television-guided missiles (which were pretty cool). Starglider came in a lovely big blue box with some nice artwork and a novella explaining the plot. The game was raved about in the press (even the Speccy 48k version) and Crash Magazine awarded it the honour of their game of the year. All this glossed over the fact that it was actually quite basic in terms of gameplay; but that never bothered me one bit. Shoot, shoot and shoot some more!

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