Long before Michael Bay got his greasy mitts on the adjustable robots, Ocean secured the license to a Spectrum game based on the toys and cartoon series. Despite not owning any of the toys, I looked forward to this just like most other 12-year old boys. And like most, I was disappointed.

Being 1986, this was before the multi-stage movie licenses that became the norm for Ocean in the late 80’s Instead, they opted for a dull platform game where you control various Autobots in their quest to defeat the evil decepticons who turned in an occasional appearance. There was a fair amount of anticipation for this game, and whilst it wasn’t terrible, it failed to live up to any expectations and was a fairly average effort. As I said, the backgrounds were dull and whilst the Transformers themselves were nicely drawn and animated, the lack of action tolled heavy against the game. The Autobots were also a pig to control, with the robot versions especially prone to crashing at inopportune moments. A missed opportunity.


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