Universal Hero


Mastertronic weren’t renowned for quality games, yet they released a few gems that were well worth their standard asking price of £1.99 and Universal Hero was one of them. Starting off in an underground cavern, the eponymous hero must assemble the missing parts to his space ship before jetting off to an errant asteroid that’s threatening life as we know it.

It was presented in a flick-screen format with your man equipped with a useful jetpac. He had nine slots in his inventory which came in handy as there were many objects in the game which needed to be experimented with. The first part of Universal Hero is brilliant – puzzles which are thought-provoking but still solvable. The second part (on the asteroid) is a lot trickier and some of the puzzles quite bizarre, but overall it’s still a good game, helped by some lovely colourful graphics.

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