Crazy Taxi


Crazy Taxi is one of the many Dreamcast games that truly showcased what the console was all about. Fast, colourful, action packed, quick pick up and play fun for anyone to enjoy. Crazy Taxi is a classic of arcade perfection. You drive any one of 3 taxi's, each driven by 3 different drivers. You then choose from a variety of games modes, most of which revolve around different variations of time rules such as play by arcade rules, where you have a set number of seconds to play with and every fare you drop off extends your time depending on how efficiently you drop them off.


Drop them off early and you get a time bonus, drop them off late and… well, you get the idea. Or you can play for 5 minutes and see how high a score you can achieve in that time, the choice is yours. Crazy Taxi has a mini game mode, which uncovers a surprising amount of depth, showing you how to take advantage of special techniques such as crazy jump and crazy drift. All in all Crazy Taxi offers incredibly accessible arcade fun for those just looking to pick up and play, whilst still delivering some depth and challenge for those who want a little more from their game. The graphics are gorgeous and still hold up well against today's games, but graphics should never be the means by which we measure a great game.

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