This is one of those rare pieces of work that really make you realise HOW MUCH effort people put into these homebrew Dreamcast games. Drill is a fabulous looking homebrew vertical shooter similar to Psyvariar 2, Gunbird 2 or Castle of Shikigami where, instead of controlling a ship you control a character.

The graphics in Drill, for a pure homebrew title, are fantastic; it has a very unusual art style with the enemies mostly being either bug/insect looking creatures or a mixture of bug and robot. The game is somewhat limited in its style, homebrew developers can only do so much with the resources at hand, but in that respect I definitely tip my hat to Handmade Video Games for producing a fantastic looking and challenging shooter. The game is very much a bullet storm shooter and it is pretty unforgiving. You have to be prepared for a steep learning curve as the game only provides you with 3 hits and then you’re dead, no continue, no restart, you get hit 3 times and you’re out. The controls are pretty simple and are explained well in the tutorial mode but it is only a very brief overview and gives you no insight into how the game is meant to be played in order to get further. It also incorporates strategic dodging elements like Ikaruga and Psyvariar too. Sadly as of writing this I was not able to master the best techniques to play the game properly as I cannot make it more than about 20 mins without dying horribly but this by no means suggests that it is a bad game, rather that I am not yet skilled enough to proceed much farther. All in all this is a great little shooter, one of the best looking homebrews for DC and well worth a download onto CD.


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