Dux is another nice Dreamcast Indie shooter this time by Hucast Games. It is very similar to Last Hope but in my opinion it is far superior due to its clearer and prettier graphics and a massive array of power ups and weapons to collect and use. The whole package just screams easy to pick up and play, hard to master.

The graphics are colourful, vibrant and the enemies are varied. It does share some striking similarities in terms of level design, enemy movement and behaviour as well as the general look and feel. But it manages to make things much more fun and engaging than Last Hope. Dux has a very inoffensive outwards appearance but it’s certainly no Ikaruga or Borderdown in terms of the quality of the graphics, though that really shouldn’t deter you from trying this wonderful little shooter or its soon to be released remixed version known as “Redux”. Similarly to “Last Hope: Pink Bullets” it features gameplay/difficulty tweaks as well as graphical improvements to aid in making the game more playable to the general population. On the whole, Dux is an excellent indie shooter that really moves forward the side scrolling formula forward for the Dreamcast. With its nice controls and interesting power ups such as the forward facing shield item that allows you to absorb most directly incoming projectiles. The missiles also shoot in both directions vertically from your ship while your bullets fire directly forwards and diagonal laser beams arch out and around the environment! Sadly it will not defend you from the enemies lurking on the ceilings or floors so there is a fair bit of strategy involved. A very enjoyable if uninspiring shooter for Dreamcast, checkout Redux very soon.

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