One of the best Indie games of recent years, Gunlord is the epitome of “homage”, it is an excellent platform game and clearly draws inspiration from the classic Mega Turrican for Mega Drive (and indeed the rest of the classic Turrican series). Gunlord is massive, remarkably well made, and gorgeous; it is basically the ultimate retro video game release for Dreamcast.

The production values really ooze out of every frame, the gorgeous graphics and wonderful soundtrack adds to the excellent experience. The game is somewhat linear but the level design is so extensive and some levels are so massive that you will not feel like you have seen everything after your first play through. The emphasis in this game is pretty much split 50/50 between shooting and exploring. Some of the wonderful touches really make you appreciate how much effort NG:DEV put into making this game so similar to the classic sci-fi platforming games of yesteryear, such as the poorly translated intro sequence text that pretty much every game of its type had, the awesome hardcore gameplay and excellent, simple control set-up. Gunlord is an essential purchase for any Dreamcaster and is reason enough to go out and buy one if you don’t currently own one.

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