Head Hunter


Here we have one of the many true classics for the Dreamcast. Head Hunter is also one of the few Dreamcast games that ONLY came out in the PAL region. Head Hunter is a game that was clearly inspired by Metal Gear Solid in terms of gameplay mechanics etc. It includes a lot of tactical espionage action where you have to get into cover, hide from enemies, use tactics to avoid or distract as well as kill your enemies.

But where Head Hunter differs is that it also incorporates flat out shooting action where you aren't really penalised for NOT taking a stealth route, full on gun battles and shoot outs often ensue between you and multiple enemies. On top of the shooting action you also spend a lot of the game riding your motorcycle as both your method of transport and a means to build up skill points. These allow you to unlock your next LEILA Certificate, which in turn allows you to access better weapons and items as you progress through the lengthy two disc campaign. Graphically Head Hunter is one of the best titles for Dreamcast, the graphics are vivid, colourful, bright, functional and incredibly well rendered/texture mapped with very few issues to speak of. The voice acting in Head Hunter is also very good as is the musical score, which is both well done and fitting with the games tone. The only negative issues with Head Hunter are that some of the controls can be a bit clunky at times, especially when trying to get into cover and there are some issues with collision and environment interaction. However these issues are few and far between and the movement from cover to normal motion is smooth and natural and the puzzle gameplay mechanics are light but rewarding. Overall Head Hunter is a must own action game for the Dreamcast with fantastic visuals and an excellent satirical and yet strangely apt future story.

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