House of the Dead 2


Light gun games are one of my favorite arcade pastimes, and so hold a special place in my heart. I look back on Lethal Enforcers and Virtua Cop fondly, and The House of the Dead 2 belongs in that elite fraternity, too. But the legend is hard to relive these days. CRT televisions are all but extinct, and the light guns just don’t work on LCD displays. If you were fortunate enough to own The House of the Dead 2 in 1999 with a light gun, then you experienced the game in its full glory.

Based on cheesy horror movies—and with the terrible voice acting to match—House of the Dead 2 takes you and a partner through a city crawling with mutants and zombies. Armed initially with nothing but your trusty sidearm, you’ve got to mow down the undead and rescue survivors as you chase after the elusive Goldman, who is behind the outbreak. You can collect weapons along the way, including shotguns and machineguns to cut a swath through the zombie infestation. Whenever a bullet lands, it leaves a generously sized exit wound in the flesh of the mutant. The hit detection is indeed one of the most satisfying features: if you’re skilled enough, you can blast your enemy’s head clean off for maximum damage. You’ll encounter supersized bosses in each of the stages and most of them are heavily armored, so you’ll need to target their weak points to defeat them. The game moves at a brisk pace, and there’s always something on the screen to shoot or an alternative path to take. Best enjoyed with a light gun, but still lots of fun with a controller, House of the Dead 2 is one of the must-have games on the Dreamcast.

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