ESWAT IS: the toughest fighting force alive

ESWAT MEANS: Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics

ESWAT: City Under Siege, released on the Mega Drive in 1990, is a run and gun shooting game with platform elements that is based on the arcade game Cyber Police ESWAT, released a year earlier.

Liberty City is under threat from the E.Y.E. criminal organisation and it’s up to you, as a young rookie cop, to rid the streets of these wrongdoers once and for all. As a member of the ESWAT troopers it is your mission to navigate through eight levels and infiltrate the terrorist headquarters to put a stop to the evil that is consuming the world.

You start the game as a lower ranking officer with rather low key firepower but you are expected to advance through the ranks and achieve ESWAT status with which you are bestowed the Ice Combat suit. This mechanical exo suit enables you to dish out some seriously sweet justice. Initially it beefs up your standard shot power but you’re arsenal can be increased to include various weapons such as rockets and flame throwers. But that’s not all. The suit also increases your energy level and gives you a freakin’ jet pack!

The sprites are nicely detailed and the levels have a cool industrial aesthetic which is supported by the mechanical nature of the enemies. The game clearly draws inspiration from the modern action culture of the era.

The music on each level is a great accompaniment, especially during the boss battles. It also boasts some funky digitised speech.

ESWAT is one of the early classics of the Mega Drive era and although it doesn’t have the appeal of some of the more well-known titles around at the time it’s certainly worth checking out, if only for the legendary intro sequence.


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