Spider-Man: Web of Fire


Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look Out! Here comes the Spider-Man! Released in 1996, Spider-Man: Web of Fire was the last game released for the 32X in North America. Only a limited number of copies of the game were sold (estimated at 1500), which make this a prized possession for any 32X owner. The game pits our hero against the forces of the Neo-Nazi organization known as H.Y.D.R.A.


This organization has hired a group of thugs known as the New Enforcers and have taken over New York by installing an electrical web that surrounds the entire city, trapping its citizens. Spider-Man must find all the generators that power the web and destroy them. To do so, however, he must face the each New Enforcer protecting the generator at the end of each level. Spidey does not have to defend the city alone, though, he can free Daredevil and collect DD tokens to get heroic assistance. A total of six stages are included in the game through different areas of the city (i.e., a power plant, a wasteland, etc.). Spider-Man: Web of Fire has some nicely animated characters and Spidey himself looks pretty impressive. Controlling him gets a bit tricky, particularly if you have to figure out what you can do without instructions (like I had to). You can shoot webbing to trap enemies or to jump between buildings and structures. Don’t let yourself fall, though, as you’ll have to restart the level from the very beginning. Overall, this is a pretty good game but you’ll have to decide whether you want to pay a premium for it or not.

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