Battle Command

This is supposedly the follow-up to Carrier Command but is a completely different game. Where as Carrier Command was a free form game which featured control of many different types of vehicles, Battle Command is a futuristic tank simulator. You are given control of a Mauler type tank, and quite novely dispatched to your missions by a stealth helicopter.

 There are 15 different missions available. The missions themselves were quite interesting, by that I mean they don’t just feature all out destruction in them. In one of them, for example, you had to rescue a downed satellite. The tank can be equipped for both offence and defence, in 4 different weapons pods. Upgrades become available at the end of the missions. The vector graphics are impressive for the time (you could use the external views, but believe me you wouldn’t have time to do that), and the sound effects whilst not mind blowing are adequate enough. Mouse control is mainly used and is quite easy to get grips with (fire on the left button, control options on the right button, move forward to accelerate, move backwards to decelerate as well as reverse). The gameplay manages to stick with the right balance between arcade and simulation, but the difficulty level is very high. This game tended to get overlooked, especially compared to its illustrious predecessor. Perhaps it was too hard but it definitely has a curiosity value to it.

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