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Pac-Man was such a hit that it engendered all sorts of clones during its time. Clean Sweep is one of those clones so the Vectrex fans didn’t feel left out. In Clean Sweep you are a vacuum cleaner at a bank and you are tasked to cleanly sweep up (see what I did?) all the coins that are spread on the bank (AKA, maze) floor.

You must do this as “robbers” come into the bank and you must be sure to take the coins back to the “vault” at the centre of the bank if you want to sweep all the coins since you can only carry so many coins. You score points by picking up coins and by returning them to the vault. In order to sweep with the robbers you enter one of the four corner rooms so you become supercharged and turn the tide against them for a limited period of time. While the concept of this game does sound fine, it could have been a bit better. The robbers look nothing like robbers; they look more like pinchers. The game pace is a bit slow but that doesn’t keep you from enjoying it. Sounds, however, are excellent and if you close your eyes you may think you are actually playing Pac-Man (wacca, wacca, wacca). The game has two variations (one with a visible maze, one without) and has a two-player option.

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