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Mr. Boston is a slightly modified version of Clean Sweep that was created for advertising purposes. As the game starts you get the ad for Mr. Boston liquor followed by the Clean Sweep title screen. It would have been nice if they had modified the title screen in some way but I suppose the ad “page” is enough.

In any case, instead of a vacuum cleaner, the player now controls a top hat that collects money from the bank floor in order to bring it back to the vault while avoiding the bank robbers. The game plays just like the original Clean Sweep and has all the same options (for more details, I suggest you read my review for Clean Sweep). Chances are if you like Clean Sweep, you will like Mr. Boston. Of course, you may prefer Mr. Boston if you would rather be a top hat! This game did get released as a cartridge but in low numbers (I believe only 10 copies), so it is quite difficult to find and quite expensive (I know of one complete copy that sold for $7,200.00 on eBay in 2010). When it was released, the overlay had the Mr. Boston logo but was otherwise just like the Clean Sweep overlay.

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