Dragons Blood


Dragons Blood is one of the rare action hack and slash Dreamcast games in existence. Most of the Dreamcast library consists of pick up and play fun games but Dragons Blood is an actual sword and sorcery hack and slash from the 3rd person perspective with excellent graphics and a brilliant fantasy story.

Known as "Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm" in the US, Dragons Blood is a long, action packed and meaty action game with some slow/bulky but realistic and deep combat mechanics. These involve building up combos, counters, defending, magic and you even have to consider your momentum going into certain attacks. You can choose from 1 of 2 characters, a male warrior Cynric and a sorceress Aeowin, and during levels you can collect "Blessing Wisps". There are 2 types, red ones instantly replenish your health, so it's often best to not approach them until you need them, and blue wisps are used to purchase character upgrades such as armour, spells and attributes. Dragons Blood is an excellent, fun, action packed game well worth picking up for serious gamers who own a Dreamcast and want something more akin to modern games such as "Enclave" on the original Xbox or more recently "World Of Warcraft" or even "Elder Scrolls"


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