Gynoug is a side scrolling shooting game, with a mythical theme, released in 1991. It was named Wings of Wor in the US.

You assume the role of the winged hero, Wor, a Battle Master of the planet Iccus and, in typical fashion, you’re the only badass that has a chance of single handedly saving the planet from the invasion of the Mutants of Iccus, led by the evil Destroyer.


This is a daunting task, however, as the games six levels are littered with all kinds of enemies and two bosses per level! Luckily, you’re provided plenty of opportunity to power up your weapons, magic and speed by collecting various items.

The pace of Gynoug is fast and frenetic, especially when Wor is fully tooled up and flying around at full speed. This can make the controls a little twitchy and quick responses are required to keep our hero alive. If you do get tagged by a mutant, you instantly lose a life but you’re immediately thrown right back into the action and with only a minor hit to your weapon power. The gameplay is complemented by a fantastic musical score that is in keeping with the quick tempo on screen and helps to distil an energetic atmosphere.


Overall I think Gynoug is an often overlooked gem of the Mega Drive. It’s not perfect but there is enough variety to keep fans of the genre returning in an attempt to beat it, but with the difficulty settings of Normal, Hard and Hyper you’re going to need a lot of skill to reach the end boss who does not appear in the manual but is listed with the provocative statement, “PREPARE FOR THE WORST!”. Good luck!


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